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دانلود انتی ویروس قدرتمند TrustPort USB Antivirus 2011 v11.0.0.4620 Final | 89 Mb
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    پیشفرض دانلود انتی ویروس قدرتمند TrustPort USB Antivirus 2011 v11.0.0.4620 Final | 89 Mb

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    TrustPort USB Antivirus 2011 v11.0.0.4620 Final | 89 Mb

    The mobile solution for the secure transmission of data on interchangeable memory media for example flash disks or memory cards.
    Prevents the copying of harmful code onto memory media, carries out antivirus tests on any host computer. Enables the encryption of
    files against unauthorized entry and offers the reliable shredding of private data which is no longer in use.
    Antivirus Protection
    As soon as the memory medium is connected to a given computer the resident protection is activated. This prevents the storing of
    harmful code on the given medium. So you don’t have to worry that while using a computer with an unknown level of security your USB
    flash disk or memory card will be infected.

    On-demand scanner
    According to your needs you can launch a scan of the computer on which you are working with your portable memory media. In the
    event of harmful code being found, the file will be renamed, moved to quarantine or deleted depending on the settings.

    Proactive Protection
    Between the arrival of new harmful code and its classification in the virus database there is a critical period when the computer
    is most vulnerable. Fortunately this antivirus program is able to recognize a virus not only from the database but also on the
    basis of its structure and behaviour.

    Encrypted Data
    The program enables sensitive data to be stored in the encrypted archive of a USB flash disk or memory card in case of loss or
    theft. The creation and extraction of data from the archive, entry and deletion of files are all at your disposal in the form of
    the intuitive interface.

    Secure Shredding
    It is important to delete sensitive confidential data after it is no longer in use in a way that no one can reconstruct it. For
    this task the program offers secure shredding as the disused files are repeatedly overwritten with random data. You can choose from
    eight levels of security in shredding.

    Broad compatibility
    The program isn’t installed on the computer’s hard disk but on a separate memory medium. This medium can be for example a USB flash
    disk or a memory card in any format. It is just as easy to install the program on a U3 smart disk. This comprises a special version
    of the USB flash disk with its own administrator program used for the transfer of personal data and live applications.

    TrustPort USB Antivirus یک نرم افزار امنیتی و ضدویروس مخصوص حفاظت از اطلاعات موجود در فلش مموری USB شمااست .
    این نرم افزار قادر خواهد بود تا عامل های مخرب مثل ویروس، تروجان، کرم، نرم افزارهای جاسوسی، انواع بد افزار و ... را شناسایی کرده و از میان ببرد.
    نرم افزار TrustPort USB Antivirus طوری طراحی شده است که به محض شناسایی فایل های آلوده بواسطه تنظیمات قبلی آن را حذف و به لیست سیاه اضافه می کند.

    ویژگی های نرم افزار ضد ویروس TrustPort USB Antivirus :
    - حفاظت از انواع حافظه های جانبی قابل حمل
    - به روزرسانی اتوماتیک هنگام اتصال به اینترنت
    - رمزگذاری بر روی اطلاعات محرمانه شما
    - پشتیبانی از سیستم عامل های XP, Vista, 7

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    TrustPort USB Antivirus 2011 Multilingual | 92.9 Mb
    TrustPort USB Antivirus 2011 - antivirus program, designed to secure data on USB flash drives. Being on a flash drive, antivirus scans all files for viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, which are copied to it. With the USB-connected storage device provides the ability to scan on demand, not only stick, but any files, folders or drives on your computer.

    When it detects infected files, USB Antivirus handles them according to your settings: rename, delete or move to quarantine. Allows for testing of suspicious files in a safe space to pre-empt the spread of the introduction and spread of threats.

    Opportunities TrustPort USB Antivirus 2011:
    . Antivirus and antispyware
    . Scanning on demand
    . Protecting data through encryption
    . Proactive Protection
    . Shredding (safe disposal of information)
    . Automatic Updates

    The main functions of TrustPort USB Antivirus 2011:
    . Protection for access
    After connecting the USB-drive to your computer, antivirus TrustPort USB Antivirus protects all files stored on it. This ensures that malware will not be stored on a flash drive, respectively, the user need not worry about the level of protection of the computer or removable media can become infected.

    . Proactive Protection
    Critical point for all anti-virus is the time interval between the appearance of virus sample, sending it to experts and security update release. It is a period when computers are most vulnerable. To this end, anti-virus not only to detect the updated, but its heuristic analysis to identify the structure and behavior of the threats against them.

    . Scanning on demand
    The user can also scan the computer that is connected to a flash drive c TrustPort USB Antivirus. If a threat is detected, it is on presets or renamed, or moved to the Recycle Bin, or deleted.

    . Automatic updates
    Basis for the maximum protection against viruses and spyware is updated. Updates to TrustPort USB Antivirus leave regularly for the ultimate protection against the latest threats. USB Antivirus - a combination of high speed and high-level detection.

    . Encrypting data
    The latest versions of TrustPort USB Antivirus has built-in data encryption. Encryption module allows you to encrypt any file for safe transfer to open communication channels

    . Shreddind information (safe disposal of information)
    The latest versions of TrustPort USB Antivirus has built-in shreddinga information. The module allows shreddinga securely delete information from your computer or external drives (the function is used when dealing with classified documents)
    Nevertheless, you get a highly functional and proven anti-virus and spyware protection for your flash-USB, and to scan computers that are not protected.


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